How to spot a replica Rolex vs Real?

Understanding a replica Rolex vs real watch in today’s technology is becoming a highly complicated situation. Fake Rolex watches are everywhere we look and people are questioning the authenticity of the watches subconsciously. Having a genuine Rolex has a lot of complications because of several reasons. Buying an authentic Rolex watch costs you a fortune let alone the time you should wait on the waiting list itself.

The first thing a person can learn how to spot a replica Rolex vs real is to look at:

  • Size
  • Thickness
  • Second hand motion
  • Material quality

The size is so easy way to spot a fake Rolex yet it can become very complicated due to a reason. The reason is Rolex can produce the same watch in several sizes to have options for customers to buy, but still, models’ sizes are clear and you can measure the case to check if it’s correct. This also applies to thickness, and furthermore, it is more difficult to replicate the thickness, so it gives it away easily. For a brand like Rolex, satisfying the customer’s needs is a top priority. If someone wants to buy a luxury watch such as a Rolex watch, that person does not want to buy a just timepiece. They want it to be the way they like, the most important factor is size. Another way to understand a fake Rolex is the thickness of the watch. Fake Rolex can have some thickness differences and you can even notice it with the naked eye. Counterfeit watches are offering customers different quality options. A luxury watch brand has to offer magnificent case quality (sturdiness, shine, brushing, feel, etc.). If you get your hands on a real Rolex and go ” What is this crap!”, that’s a big sign of a fake Rolex. You’re buying a Rolex not a Hello Kitty watch, it is the most important thing! Some fake watches do not use the same Rolex movement, obviously. These “Your watch is fake bro!” alerts can be understood by literally listening to the watch or watching the sweep motion itself.

Various amounts of precious metals are used in creating a real Rolex. Fake can not have the price tags we know if it has the same material as the genuine one. Genuine Rolex watches are created by a lot of watch experts who work long hours to perfect the watch we see. Imitation Rolexes are mass-produced because of the high demand in the market. The number of factories designed for creating such a high-quality super clone is much more than the customers think.

Fake Rolex Watch vs Real

If we want to learn how to realize a replica Rolex vs real watch we have to determine a few factors first. If the counterfeit watch is high-end there are very few to no ways to understand the authenticity of the watch. The reason is that even the weight of the watch is precisely copied to perfection in every watch. To give an example; non-complicated models like Rolex oyster perpetual, since the complications in the watch is easy to copy and materials are the same as the genuine watch we can not understand if it is real or not. Some vintage Rolex models are so rare that seeing one is just impossible in daily life so it is easy to understand that the watch is fake. If you want to buy a Rolex and it will be counterfeit, pick a best-seller model to be safer from suspicions. Another place you can look is the Rolex crown just under the 6 o’clock side of the watch. In real watches, this crown is very hard to detect and well hidden. But in some low-quality unoriginal watches, this crown is highly visible and can be seen even from a distance. The mechanism inside of the watch is Swiss automatic in both real and fake watches so it is not a good place to look for authenticity. Serial and model numbers can be investigated by an authorized dealer only so you are mostly safe.

Fake Watch Caliber

Are Rolex super clone watches any good? Ways to spot a fake Rolex watch.

The quick answer is yes they are far better than good if you know how to buy a fake Rolex. We already give you the guide to spotting a fake watch to understand the difference between the replica Rolex vs real, now it’s time to explain how good they are. Replicated watches differ in quality so buying a good one may need some help. Buying a counterfeit watch is becoming also harder but this situation is anything but the same as buying a real one. The critical thing for buying an imitation watch is finding a trustable seller. Unfortunately, there are a lot of scammers in the market and everyone is aware of that. They are the reason that you have trust problems with online shopping. This article can help you to survive these scammers. A fake Rolex is in high demand and the market is also aware of that so you should be more careful about buying a fake Rolex. The most researched models are Rolex Sea Dweller, Submariners and GMT Masters. So in the case of buying one of these series the customer should ask a good amount of questions to the seller for testing the dealer’s information about watches to understand the similarity, how informed the dealer is and whether are they trustable enough to buy the watch or not. One thing to look for on the website for searching a good seller is the quality of the photos they use. If a seller has nothing to hide in their watches, the quality of the watch photos must be clear and clean. The quality of the photos should not change whether it is counterfeit Rolex or genuine. In the photos, the side of the watch and the face of the watch should be seen very clearly. If there is a production mistake, the customer can easily see the error. Also, don’t forget to request a video of the watches!

How To Spot Replica Rolex

Why do replica Rolex watches cost so much?

We should define ”so much” as a minimum of one-tenth of the genuine watch’s price. Even if you are asking why even that much for the replica Rolex vs real? Here is your answer. The materials used in the high-quality replica Rolex are very similar to the real ones. The best stainless steel in the market also known as the 904L Stainless steel is used in the production of the best Rolex super clones. The serial numbers and model numbers are the same as the genuine watches of course. If you are looking for a specific model of any brand, you should first search with the model number, it is the easiest and the most used categorization way. The material used in different models is affecting the price of the watch eventually. The price of the Rolex Submariners even differs between itself. The bracelet type of the watch is also very important in the price and authenticity of the watch. Oyster and jubilee bracelets are the most commonly used bracelet types in Rolex watches. Different Rolex models are designed with different bracelet types. Even though most of them are produced with both bracelet types, you should be careful about some models that are produced with only one bracelet model and if you buy with the other one it gives the watch away as being fake. The details in the watch are also one of the price setters of the watch. A lot of details means a lot of complications and since the movement of the high-end Rolex imitations is 1:1 of the genuine watch, the price gets higher.

Is it OK to buy replica watches?

Of course, it is okay to buy a counterfeit watch of any kind! We should investigate the real reason behind it. The most common reason is the over-priced pre-owned market.People do not want to just buy a watch from a high-end watch brand to feel premium but also to have their lifestyle improved. Paying a fortune for a Rolex timepiece is not going to help you to live like a real Rolex owner. Rolex dealers are over-pricing the products due to their profit margins and watches become unbuyable. Finding a specific watch such as a model of a Rolex Datejust is not hard but the condition of the watch is not great most of the time. Looking at a Rolex should feel good but if it is used enough to be visually worn, then it is not a good look. Every Rolex is timeless in its own way but harshly worn any watch is not going to give the same impression as the new one. Rolex made their watches under great conditions and precise expertise. Many fake Rolex watches are not produced with that kind of quality yet some of the Rolex watches made by outside factories are in great competition with real ones cosmetically.

Rolex brand is still top of the high-end watch market due to their bravery and not being afraid to try new things. Rolex designs their watches with very strict rules because the brand’s styling is very famous and copied by the world. Rolex uses top artists in the industry to design the dials and shapes of the watches. The movement that powers a Rolex watch is a Swiss automatic mechanism that does not stop working until they stand still more than its power reserve. Some models of Rolex tick at eight ticks per second which creates the sweep motion. The imitation watches on the market has also the same mechanism and provide customers with the best experience possible.

Replica Rolex Vs Real

The reason behind the watch traffic replica Rolex vs real is handing on a real Rolex is highly common and easy if it is in good condition. Many Rolex watches you can buy from a good seller will satisfy you with the quality for sure. Plus the condition of the watch you will buy will be brand new from the factory. Rolex watches may be much cheaper if the brand is producing more than the current number they produce. Rolex only uses the finest materials and machinery to create the timepieces they make. This is the main reason for the price tags they put on their watches, for them at least. But since imitation world increased their quality to a level that we can understand even the pricing Rolex make is over the roof. Rolex name or famous crown is so popular that Rolex thinks that they can put any price on any watch and they will be sold. When we put the Rolex name on an watch the quality expectation is very high. The number on a Rolex or also known as the serial number of the watch is can be only checked by the authorized dealer. Everything on a Rolex is trying to be copied by the industry. But as we said real deal of the authentication is the serial number. True Rolex, the watch made by Rolex, will pass every test out there.

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