How We Operate?

At Reverie Watches, we wanted to provide a brief overview of our operational processes through videos and photographs right here. Driven by the questions and requests we receive, we’ve aimed to create a page that serves as a guide for you. If the answers and explanations we provide here don’t quite cover your inquiries, please feel free to leave a comment or reach out to us directly. Let’s get started.

Inspection of the watches

When our customers place an order, we enter a phase of dedicated service. Each watch is carefully checked with a timegrapher for 24 to 48 hours to ensure its mechanism operates flawlessly. This detailed scrutiny is akin to the precision showcased in our videos, as we document the watch’s performance to assure it meets our high standards.

We then certify that each timepiece is in perfect working order before it makes its way to your wrist. This commitment to excellence is not just about fulfilling an order; it is about upholding the trust you place in the craftsmanship and quality of our watches. We aim to deliver not just a watch, but an impeccable timekeeping experience.


As we prepare to ship your order, we begin with a straightforward yet important step: we snap a photo of your item and its shipping label side by side. This image, which matches the quality and setup of our product photos, is then sent to you for address confirmation. It’s a simple way for you to see what’s being shipped and to double-check the shipping details for accuracy. This process helps ensure that your order arrives at the right destination and provides you with a clear expectation of what will soon arrive at your doorstep.

Following the initial confirmation step, we proceed with careful packaging. As shown in the photos, we take the time to ensure each item is securely wrapped and protected, maintaining our high standard of care. We then weigh the packaged product to determine the precise postage required. After this, your item is ready and dispatched for delivery, set to arrive at your destination safely and promptly.

Navigate to our Shipping page to discover thorough answers to all your questions. From the intricacies of tracking numbers to our meticulously crafted shipping techniques, we’ve covered every detail to assure your confidence and peace of mind throughout our delivery process. We are here to ensure that your exquisite timepiece arrives safely and punctually, embracing a shipping experience that is as impeccable as the watches we offer.

Are there more models than on the website?

Yes indeed, our collection extends significantly beyond what is currently presented on our website. While we strive to upload new models consistently, certain timepieces remain undisclosed online due to particular copyright constraints. Therefore, we invite you to engage in a personalized consultation with us. By establishing direct communication, we can meticulously assist you in navigating through our extensive, off-website collection to help you locate and acquire the timepiece you seek. Allow us to facilitate your exploration through our enriched assortment, ensuring you find a watch that impeccably resonates with your aesthetic and functional desires.

Do we have other brands?

Yes, we do have much more to offer! Our collection includes almost all luxury watch brands, although not all are displayed on our website due to strict copyright reasons. Rest assured, reaching out to us can open doors to a wider range of options! We’re here to assist you, helping you explore our extensive, off-website collection and ensuring you find the perfect timepiece that meets your desires.

Do we sell only watches?

While our expertise prominently resides in watches and jewelry, our extensive years in the sector enable us to seamlessly source any item you may desire. From bracelets to bags, shoes to eyewear, we can connect you with replicas of any product you seek. Our journey in this industry has allowed us to build a network where we can acquire a diverse array of items beyond our showcased collections. Let us bridge the gap between your wishes and reality, extending our offerings to meet your varied and exquisite tastes. Your desired piece is merely a conversation away!

Can we customize watches?

Absolutely, customization is available and encouraged for those seeking a uniquely personal timepiece. Our watches can be expertly adorned in your chosen precious metal, be it through coating, which entails applying a lustrous layer of metal like white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum to the watch’s exterior, or by crafting the entire piece out of your chosen precious material for a wholly luxurious experience.

In our jewelry collections, the default choice of gemstone is Cubic Zirconia (CZ). This synthetic option provides a cost-effective way to achieve the look of luxury with stones that are both durable and have a beautiful sparkle. They are an excellent choice for stylish, everyday wear.

For those looking to elevate their piece with something a little more special, we provide the opportunity to customize with Moissanite. This gemstone is renowned not just for its affordability relative to diamonds but also for its dazzling brilliance and hardiness, making it a popular choice for an upmarket feel.

And for the ultimate in elegance and tradition, we offer the option to set your jewelry with genuine diamonds. Known for their unmatched hardness and deep, eye-catching luster, diamonds bring a timeless sophistication to any piece.

Your path to personalized elegance is soon to become even more accessible, with selectable options being made available directly on our product pages in the near future. However, to embark on this journey towards owning a bespoke timepiece that is meticulously crafted to your specifications, we invite you to communicate with us directly. This ensures not just a purchase, but a fully individualized and quality-assured experience in acquiring a timepiece that is distinctly, uniquely yours.

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